材  質 : ABC樹脂製
技  法 : 成形
表面処理 : 金めっき、ニッケルめっき、古び金めっき、銀めっき
サイズ  : hx

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Buddha statue

We are subjected to a variety of plating resin Buddha statue.

Characteristics of the ABS resin has an impact resistance and high stiffness, processing is easy, the surface also is that can be beautiful finish gloss. Therefore it has been used in various products at present.

The greatest feature of the ABS resin is in the good of workability. Most often used injection molding or extrusion molding in the plastic molding, such as blow molding or vacuum molding, it has been known as a material suitable for mass production using a mold. Also cutting and painting, is very high workability materials that show a high adaptability also like to plating. In addition, we recently showed the spread as the most popular material is known as the material of the 3D printer.

Material: ABC resin
Trick method: molding
Surface treatment: gold plating, Ni plating, old gold-plated, silver-plated
Size: hx


ABC樹脂製 / 金めっき


ABC樹脂製 / 金めっき


ABC樹脂製 /

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