材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 鋳造
表面処理 : 金めっき
サイズ  : hx

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Mame Toccosho

It is beans Tocco punch that is being used as esoteric method fixture since ancient times. Brass castings are manufactured subjected to engraving.

Toccosho punch which is the law tool of esoteric Buddhism in the basic form of vajra, and imparted a variety of implications for what was originally used as a weapon, it is said that I used to sublimation as various preciousness of samadhi 耶形. Therefore, the “摧破 the worldly desires is a disorder” in terms of the destruction of as a weapon, it became the Hogu to symbolize “the Buddha wisdom is in a solid rather than enduring” that in the firmness of the diamond. The name of each part, refers to both ends as “sho”, which refers to one of the thing as “Tocco punch”.

It will be used to Kaji furnace and offerings in the mainly Homa method.
In the case of Goma Act there is a talisman implications, the “Su siddhi through di Shingon Act product” when work’s the “Goma, and at the time of the Nenzu is
In the palm with a left hand Executive Jiseyo. Skilfully affairs Gosu and the formation cunning is therefore punch. This Nari person of good fulfillment. If always this vajra (Sancosho)
The Jisuru who has any of 毘那 night 迦, who form the Sawanan, leave and 馳散 Everyone fear altogether. There is a “.
Even so there on the scripture, there are schools with the Tocco punches, even schools that do not have.
In addition, the school of Hirosawa system has been cited as those of personal effects.
Although it is common to have the right hand because the original is a weapon, it may have on the left by the school.

Material: Brass
Trick method: casting
Surface treatment: Gold plate
Size: hx





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