材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 鍛金・槌目技法
表面処理 : 本消金めっき&消銀めっき、ロジウムめっき
サイズ  : hx

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The production surface in hammering method of brass have been subjected to a variety of hammer eye pattern, there are aspects of the unique handmade.
We finish by plating color-coded inside and out.

To take advantage of the traditional method of construction, hammer perforations of technology that performed at the time of the molding of the metal, was produced the sake of hammer eyes of a variety of patterns can enjoy. There plated with a variety of texture and color of our unique, we expressed the texture of the metal unique.

Hammer eyes and finishing (Tsuchime), refers to the pattern to put banging and beautifully finished ring with a hammer. Seems to have hit it with a manual work exudes a unique atmosphere while simple. After removal of scratches, etc. at below Shine polishing, Ni base plating, perform the matte work at the time of copper plating, silver plating, is finished with gold-plated.

Material: Brass
Trick method: hammering, hammer eye technique
Surface treatment: MatGold plate, MatSilver plate, Rh plate
Size: hx




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