黒色ニッケルめっきは、濃いグレー色で重厚な光沢のあるニッケルと錫の合金めっきの事を言います。黒ニッケルめっきは、眼鏡などの装飾めっきや光学部品の反射防止の為に、またアンティーク調の風合いが得られる事から古美色仕上げなどの塗装の下地めっきとして使われます。 重厚な黒色は様々な外観部品に高級感を与えるだけでなく、機能面においても耐食性をアップさせる効果が得られます。

材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 槌目模様(杉目)
表面処理 : 黒ニッケルめっき
サイズ  : hx

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Processing a brass pipe, put a milestone and hammer eye pattern (cedar eyes), pen stand, which was likened to bamboo. It finished with black Ni plating in order to get the texture of the metal. Black nickel plating is a surface treatment method that has a feeling of metal by the black a and shiny ornaments.

Black nickel plating, says that of the alloy plating of nickel and tin with a heavy glossy dark gray color. Black nickel plating, will be used for the anti-reflection of decorative plating and optical components such as glasses, also as a base plating of paint, such as Cobi color finish from the fact that the texture of antique can be obtained. Heavy black not only give a sense of luxury in a variety of exterior parts, also to obtain the effect to up the corrosion resistance in the functional surface.

Material: brass
Technical Report: hammer first pattern
Surface treatment: black nickel plating
Size: hx

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