一回鳴らしただけでも比較的長い時間音が響き続けるので瞑想などにも使用されており、いつまでも響きわたとてもきれいな音色をしています。 その美しい音色で、①人々の注意を惹き付け②聴く者を喜ばせ③仏性を目覚めさせ法を感得させる、という三つの機能を持った楽器です。


材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 鋳造
表面処理 : 金めっき
サイズ  : hx

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Kongo Rei

Will be used as a kind of musical instrument at the time of the dual cultivation is one of the esoteric method tool. It symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha, in the form of a five 鈷杵 of esoteric method tool to destroy the self of worldly desires, to defeat the Butteki, is what wearing a bell at one end thereof. Attract the attention of Butsubosatsu, intended to be sounded striking in order to delight, you can use to put in Kongo board.

Kongo Rei, by the sound, to cleanse the place, it is a law tool to calm the mind.

Since continue sounding a relatively long time sound just sounded once have also been used to, such as meditation, also Hibikiwata has a very beautiful tone forever. In its beautiful sound, it is a musical instrument that has three functions that, to kantoku the awakening let method ③ Buddha nature to please those who listen ② with attract the attention of ① people.

It used becomes vajra and the same pair of esoteric Buddhism method fixture, as the basic manners, tin is the left hand, a punch is used with the right hand. Etiquette of the specific operation, but depends on the esoteric Buddhism factions, devoted to the waist with a bell and a mallet in both hands, sounded three times waving a mallet, then allowed three rolling both of them, respectively, against the waist punch again such as shaking the bell from, and its operation are determined strictly. Ascetic becomes integrated with the “Kongo Satta” in that celebrate these strict etiquette faithfully, has been that it becomes possible preach the law.

Material: Brass
Trick method: casting
Surface treatment: Gold plate
Size: hx





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