材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 鋳造
表面処理 : 金めっき
サイズ  : hx

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A kind of vajra in one of the esoteric method tool. Each tip is only one, it indicates only Hokai the doctrinal. It is a symbol of the two sides to break out the wisdom of the firmness and the worldly desires of the Buddha.

Toccosho is something that has been used as a weapon of ancient India. In esoteric Buddhism, and used as a representation of Bodaishin to break the worldly desires. Made in such as brass, copper, iron, about the size of grip in hand, form is similar elongated to Tekine. Tocco punch to not divided at both ends, which was divided by the number, the three Ccosho, has been referred to as the five 鈷杵. Respectively represent an absolute reality-three dense trikaya-Gochi five Buddha of righteousness. In addition, there are also those with a such as tower-orb-tin.

Material: Brass
Trick method: casting
Surface treatment: Gold plate
Size: hx





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