材  質 : 真鍮製
技  法 : 槌目打ち仕上げ
表面処理 : ロジウムめっき
サイズ  : h240x240

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Bud vase

The sleek design has produced a bud vase of wall-mounted to the original. The shape There are three types of ○ △ □, we have launched a luxury subjected to hammer eyes shaped after the surface. By mirror finish of the hammer eye pattern that has been subjected to the front, you can enjoy the flavor of light is diffuse reflection and sparkling. Further, the back surface is also possible to hang on a wall which hooks mounted.

Material: Brass
Trick method: hammer perforations finish
Surface treatment: rhodium plating
Size: h240x240

一輪挿し さんかく

真鍮製 / Rhめっき


真鍮製 / Rhめっき


真鍮製 / Rhめっき、黒Niめっき、古び金めっき

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